Uplifting women mentally and psychologically is one thing Quintessa Turner is passionate about. And as an author, business consultant, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, she’s made it her mission to boost women’s confidence and help them achieve the success she’s experienced.


Like many novelists, Quintessa is an avid reader; one who spent her youth reading books and for degrees. Whenever she reads a novel, she often finds herself relating to its characters, what they go through and how they handle it. That connectedness encouraged her to write novels inspired by and loosely based on events that transpired in her own life.


Quintessa’s literary works and business enterprises have gained her recognition. She has appeared as a guest on Cincinnati’s Ask Ashley podcast, written blogs for the prolific social media news platform The Shade Room and scaled her homecare company to facilitate growth in excess of a million dollars, together with her cousin and business partner April Morrison.


Quintessa is a shining example of what overcoming adversity in a positive way can look like. From infidelity in her marriage to ensuing depression, this I AM Queen Award nominee has kept her head high through it all, conquered her setbacks and now happily enjoys life with her loved ones—she would love nothing more than for her fellow women to do the same.


To find out more about this established author who is a wife, mother, phenomenal businesswoman and coach, you can contact her at bookingauthorquintessa@gmail.com

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can" 

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